rob gronkowski 9000 bar tab Rob Gronkowski's $9000 tab for Super Bowl XLVIIBusted Coverage got a fun post-Super Bowl tip. New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski racked up quite the bar tab during the big game — to the tune of $9600.

Perusing the receipt (below) from XS nightclub at the Wynn, it looks like the beverages of choice included Grey Goose, Perrier-Jou�t Rose and Brut, 14 bottles of water, a bottle of Beau Joie champagne and then somebody enjoying some Crown Royal, which — what? With all that high-end stuff, Crown Royal is your whiskey of choice? That’s offensive.

We once worked at a bar that did its own tasting notes, and Crown Royal was listed as having “hints of furniture polish.”


What’s rather startling is the actual tab is “only” $7000, but the included gratuity is $1400 and the tax is $1200.

So, clearly, we should be working as a waitress in Las Vegas.

9000 rob gronkowski bar tab Rob Gronkowski's $9000 tab for Super Bowl XLVII
Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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