Kardashian Christmas Card.jpgEverybody’s got their family traditions during the holidays. Considering the extravagance of Kendall Jenner‘s 16th birthday party (they dialed it back from a small Bahamas vacation for 75 people), we figured that the Kardashian family customs would be a little nuts. Roasting wads of cash instead of chestnuts, something along those lines.

Rob Kardashian dished on the Kardashian/Jenner Christmas fun — and it’s all surprisingly quaint! We stand corrected.

“[My mom] passes out pajamas every year — different ones. We all have
to wear them and we sleep at the house and wake up at 6 a.m. The girls
make breakfast and we open presents and the whole nine,” Rob says. “They make great eggs and my mom makes awesome French toast — a whole big buffet.”

He’s working on staying in shape after “Dancing With the Stars,” but with all the food in the Jenner household, it’s proving more difficult. “We’re Armenian, and my sister Kourtney makes this Armenian breakfast called Beeshee. She hands down kills it, but Khlo� actually takes it because she can make all kinds of stuff and she makes food for Lamar all the time. She does a great pasta and chicken.”

Yes, they do get a little partying in, but they make sure to finish off the night by connecting with each other. “My mom also throws an awesome Christmas party every year and at the end
of the party — once everyone leaves — we all sit by the fire and talk
as a family,” he says.

We wonder what Kris Humphries does in Minnesota.

Hopefully, he’s got as much love and support around him as ex Kim does. “This is the time she needs us the most and every time we’re together as
a family, we’re having fun. We’re happy,” Rob says of his sister, who is embroiled in divorce proceedings. “We’ve been together
as a family for a long time. We’re normally traveling or working, but
we’ve all been together in the same household for about a month or so
and it’s definitely a great thing.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie