rob lowe brothers and sisters 320 Rob Lowe's $500 million deal: He wants a media empire of his very ownWe were impressed that Rob Lowe took on “Californication” and “Parks and Recreation” at the same time. If we were him, we’d take a vacation, but Lowe is looking for even more career elevation and is reportedly involved in negotiations to launch a corporation! Congratulations.

Sorry, we got a little carried away there. According to reports from TMZ, Rob Lowe had dinner in London on July 6 with heavy-hitters Tom Barrack and Flavio Briatore. Barrack is President of Colony Capital, and Briatore is “a major Formula One Player.”

TMZ’s sources say that the group is meeting to discuss a “major, major, major media deal.” Lowe and company are looking to close a $500 million deal to form “a
multi-platform media company, similar to DreamWorks.” That’s half a billion dollars. Whoa. Supposedly the deal involves TV, movie and Internet
production, among other things.

From “Brothers and Sisters” straight to world domination. Well played, Rob. Well played.

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Photo: ABC

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie