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Numb3rsCharlieandDon When the cast and crew of CBS' "Numb3rs" gathered for cake and non-alcoholic fizzy drinks to celebrate the show's 100th episode (previously chronicled in this blog post) Rob Morrow didn't exactly look to be dressed for a party — more like a Sunday afternoon spent watching the game.

Normally spiffily attired on set for his role as FBI Agent Don Eppes, Morrow on this day was stubbly, robed, baggy-pantsed and wearing sheepskin-lined Crocs.

"They're rockin!" he said.

Of course, Don was injured on the job in a previous episode, and perhaps this was his recuperating-at-home look, but I don't know that for sure. You'll just have to tune in tonight, when "Numb3rs" airs its 100th episode, called "Disturbed."

Click here for a clip of the party, in which you can check out the cake and Morrow's look. And here's CBS' info on the plot…


John Rubinstein ("Desperate Housewives," "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation") Guest Stars As Gene Evans, an Amateur Sleuth Who Helps Charlie's Investigation


Josh Gad Reprises His Role as Conspiracy Theorist Roy McGill,

And Dan Martin Returns As Detective Cates


"Disturbed" – Still feeling responsible for Don's near-fatal stabbing, Charlie puts his focus into tracking down an unnoticed serial killer, with the agents revisiting math theories from when Charlie first started working with the team to help solve the case, on the 100th episode of NUMB3RS, Friday, May 1 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. 

"'There's some really fun stuff," said Morrow. "There are a lot of callbacks to different things throughout the history of the show. There are a lot of little trivia nuggets, really fun things."

For those who don't know the lore of the show, there were a couple of versions of the "Numb3rs" pilot. While the first version did star David Krumholtz as Don's math-genius brother, Charlie, who uses his advanced mathematics skills to help Don solve crimes, it didn't star either Morrow or Judd Hirsch, who plays Don and Charlie's father, Alan.

"For instance," said Morrow, "in the first pilot they did, Michael Rooker was in it. He didn't make it into the second one. So one of the characters in (the 100th episode) talks about Michael Rooker. So there are all kinds of little things like that all throughout it.

"Charlie references the sprinkler-system motif that they did for the first 'Charlievision' that we did in the pilot" — click here for a mathematical explanation of that — "that gets referenced again. The crime is a serial-rape crime, so that goes with the first one as well."

Like its CBS sibling "NCIS," "Numb3rs" is still growing its audience — despite being in its fifth season, long past when that's supposed to happen — but still doesn't get an overflow of love from TV critic.

"We're so under-appreciated in the media, in the industry," Morrow said. "We get no love. I'm not a flag-waver or into self-celebration, but I have no problem standing up and celebrating us,Numb3rsDon because we don't get it. The Friday-night thing is constantly referred to as the dead zone. In the age of TiVo, it doesn't matter. Our numbers are bigger than a lot of midweek shows.

"It's like a vestige from some other time. I don't know what it is. You know what the upside of it is? Here, for us, it forces us to define our own criteria of what is success, and it's not the result of kudos, but the experience of making it"It's genuine. You saw it. We enjoy making it. There are hard days, sometimes someone has a bad day, once in a while, but we have a good time making the show. We get well taken care of, and we take care of each other and support and nurture each other.

"(A lot of stress) comes from the extra burden and scrutiny of that kind of attention. In a way, maybe it's a blessing. I'm past having my feelings hurt about it."

And it turns out a few Hollywood types are tuning in. Morrow co-starred with acting legend Jack Nicholson in the 2007 movie "The Bucket List."

"He watches it," Morrow says. "He would quote things to me. He'd be like" — Morrow goes into a more than passable Nicholson impression — "'They got you going to a psychiatrist.'

"I was amazed that he knew."

According to Morrow, the show's math-geek fans are still on board.

"They haven't abandoned us," he said. "We've just brought on more people. There's a lot offered on the show."

After all, along with mat
h theories illustrated with cool graphics, Morrow points out, "And we blow stuff up. We blow it up good. It's so much fun. My favorite thing is running down the street shooting guns."

As for a future "Numb3rs" appearance by Morrow's "Northern Exposure" co-star — and current "Friday Night Lights" cast member — Janine Turner, Morrow said, "That's coming up a lot. It's funny, people are Facebook-ing me about it."
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