robert pattinson wfe premiere Rob Pattinson to appear on 'The Daily Show' with Jon StewartYesterday, “Good Morning America” announced that Rob Pattinson would appear on the show for his first post-Robsten-scandal interview.

Unfortunately for the morning show, though, Pattinson has other plans.

Four days before his August 17 “GMA” appearance, Pattinson will appear on “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart — and that August 13 show will likely be his actual first interview after Kristen Stewart admitted to cheating on him.

Don’t get it twisted, though. Pattinson is appearing on “The Daily Show” and “Good Morning America” as part of planned promotion for his upcoming film “Cosmopolis” — not the Self Pity Tour 2012. It’s likely that both interviews will briefly touch on the turmoil in Pattinson’s personal life, but quickly move on to movie-related conversation.

Pattinson rarely talked about his relationship with Stewart when they were actually together, and just because she’s making declarations in magazines doesn’t necessarily mean he’s ready to open up.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie