robertjoehalderman 290 Robert 'Joe' Halderman, alleged extortionist, dated one of Letterman's womenRobert “Joe” Halderman, a producer of CBS’ “48 Hours,” has been connected with one of the women who allegedly had an affair with David Letterman.

Halderman had a live-in relationship with Stephanie Birkitt, a “Late Show” staffer who has appeared in a number of skits on the show, according to celebrity news outlets. They had recently broken up.

Halderman reportedly found out from Birkitt that she had a fling with Letterman, who was single at the time, and sent pages of her diary to the talk show host as “supporting materials” to try and extort $2 million in exchange for not making the materials public. Other materials included letters, emails and photos.

The alleged extortionist was busted outside the CBS headquarters in New York City Thursday, much to the surprise of those working for the network inside the building who were unaware of the undercover sting operation or Halderman’s possible involvement. He was arrested for attempted grand larceny in the first degree.

TMZ has revealed that Halderman owes a hefty amount of child support monthly to his ex-wife Patty Montet for their two children.

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