robert pattinson kristen stew love Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart pass on final 'Twilight' conventions as he slams media coverage as 'monstrous'In a move that will surprise no one, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have opted out of attending the final four official “Twilight” conventions. The conventions are set for the weekends of August 25 (San Antonio), September 29 (Detroit), October 5 (Parsippany, NJ), and November 3 (Los Angeles).

Fans were hoping that at least one of the stars would attend the final convention in November, but Pattinson and Stewart, along with costar Taylor Lautner, have opted out of attending.

“The passion and dedication of Twilight fandom has been amazing and
we’re out to throw one last giant convention, a final gathering to see
old friends that have made up the Twilight family,” Creation Entertainment says. “Although Rob, Kristen and Taylor will not be with us this time out we
will have a super line-up of other Twilight stars and the weekend will
be filled with special events, movie prop and costume displays,
contests, panels, auctions, parties, exclusive merchandise, music and
much more, including some surprises!”

‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ Official Pictures

With fans and the media still desperately seeking a conclusive statement from Pattinson about his relationship with Stewart, many are curious as to how the “Breaking Dawn Part 2” promotional tour will differ from previous years. Normally, in support of the film, the three leads have traveled the globe doing press appearances. This year, things may be dialed back significantly. Luckily, most promotional photoshoots for the film have already been taken care of.

So will the former lovebirds appear together at events? Pattinson certainly knows the fans are clamoring for answers, though he remains as quiet as ever on the subject of his personal life.

“Media culture is a monstrous thing,” Pattinson told the LA Times last week. “You can’t win. The annoying thing is that you can’t attack them, but you
can’t defend yourself. The best thing you could possibly do is punch a
paparazzi and give them their big payday.”

Luckily, he’s kept his fists to himself thus far.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie