Robert Pattinson made a surprise appearance in Jimmy Fallon’s “Bothered” video last night. 
Fallon regularly mocks RPatz’s brooding and troubled persona, talking about all the things that bother him. Watch all the Bothered videos here.
And in this one, the “Remember Me” actor climbs up the same tree and admits that he doesn’t like Fallon’s impersonation. In fact, it BOTHERS him. Fallon scores when he gets the actor to say the word “bothered.”


Then there’s the actual interview, which is only slightly more revealing than R-Patz’s usual interviews. You’d think by now Robert would be getting better at doing these. But we guess that’s part of his appeal. 
First, he shoots lasers out of his eyes. Then he explains his “Remember Me” character. He admits he’s confused by “Lost.” And he talks about his sister, Lizzie, who’s a musician and his own musical ability. 
The audience pleads with him to release an album. And, hey, what if he and Kristen formed a band called the Twite Stripes?
OK, maybe not. Cue the uncomfortable laughter.
We’re just disappointed that Jimmy didn’t ask about the “Bel Ami” orgy scene. Guess he didn’t want to go there. 
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead