Edward meets Lucas Ridgeston? Not exactly.

"Twilight" hunk Robert Pattinson, who just played Salvador Dali in the homosexual love story between the Surrealist painter and Spanish poet Frederico Garcia Lorca, will star in the new film “Bel Ami,’ according to Variety.

But not to worry, Edward freaks. It's not the well-known "Bel Ami" gay porn series.

Get your mind out zee gutter!

It's actually an adaptation of Guy de Maupassant's short story "Bel Ami."

The film will shoot in Paris next year. "It's a totally amoral character," Pattinson told press.

And for all those worried "Twilight" fans who are stressed about him not being in "New Moon" enough, Rob says he will have plenty of screen time as Bella's "hallucinations."

Um, fantasies, Rob. They're called fantasies.

Next up for Pattinson? "Unbound Captives," directed by Madeleine Stowe and set in the 1880s American frontier. 

Pattinson clearly likes challenges. He'll have to learn Commanche for this role.


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Photo: Rob Pattinson wears Dior Homme polo and black jeans at Cannes. Credit: WireImage

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