robert pattinson the daily show Robert Pattinson on 'The Daily Show': 'Tonight it really is 'The Twilight Show''Robert Pattinson stopped by “The Daily Show” Monday (Aug. 13) to promote his new movie “Cosmopolis,” but host Jon Stewart could not simply ignore the recent media storm surrounding his girlfriend Kristen Stewart‘s indiscretion with “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders.

When R-Patz came out, it seemed like Stewart maybe botched the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream set up, because Pattinson goes, “I had a joke prepared. God****it. I was all set up and ready to go.”

So Stewart busts out two soupy containers of Ben & Jerry’s that had obviously been melting under his news desk for quite a while and goes, “We’re just a couple of gals talkin’. Tell me everything.”

Pattinson laments not having hired a publicist prior to this media firestorm.

“This is the weird thing about these interviews. Now I’m going to sound like an idiot. My biggest problem in my life is that I’m cheap. I didn’t hire a publicist. And every awkward interview … nothing’s scripted. I’m going to hire a publicist,” says Pattinson.

Stewart is quick to point out the unusual sea of fans that have waited outside the studio all day.

“We’ve had on this show the President of Pakistan. The President of the United States, very historic figures. This is what was going on outside our show today,” and they show footage of paparazzi plus tons of girls.

Pattinson responds, “Jon, I think you’re confused about what this show is actually about and what the real issues in America are … tonight it really is ‘The Twilight Show.'”

“It is,” Stewart agrees. “Hold on — am I trending on Twitter right now? Hashtag ‘jackass,’ hashtag ‘old loser.'”

Eventually talk turns to “Cosmopolis,” Pattinson’s new movie directed by David Cronenberg, which is a marked departure from the “Twilight” saga.

“Trying to explain what the movie is about is physically impossible. It’s one of the only things I think I’ll ever do where I can say I don’t think this is ever going to be made again, I don’t think it’s ever been made before,” says Pattinson. “And regardless how people see it, at least it’s something new.”

“If you’re never taken LSD and aren’t planning on it, go see a Cronenberg movie. It’s a very similar vibe,” says Stewart.

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