“Twilight’ hottie Robert Pattinson thinks “Betty White is one of the sexiest women in America.” 
Should Kristen Stewart be worried? He also confirmed — we think — his allergy to lady parts on “The View.”

]]>He told the “View’ ladies about his appreciation of older women, especially the amazing Betty White. But he also admitted he was nervous during his sex scenes with Emilie de Ravin in “Remember Me.”

“I don’t think you seemed nervous,” de Ravin countered. “I don’t know what you’re on about.”
Pattinson — with his mum in the audience — was also asked about his recent Details photo shoot with nude women and the interview in which he joked about being “allergic to vagina.”
“I learned two things from that interview,” he said. “One thing, never try and make jokes in interviews, and the other thing is just, like, never do interviews ever.”
So he was joking? He laughs and adds, “I do have an actual allergy. It’s terrible. It’s a curse.” Then he laughs some more.
OK, well that clears that up. (?)