Robert Pattinson visited “The Kyle & Jackie O Show” in Sydney to chat with the hosts and answer questions rom his loyal fans. Rob divulged which movie always makes him cry and revealed his embarrassing Starbucks order. He also treated viewers to a reenactment of his sex scene with Kristen Stewart in “The Twilight Saga: Braking Dawn Part 2.”   

“The sex scene in this one is pretty ridiculous,” says Rob. “It can’t be a normal sex scene. It’s supposed to be about the greatest vampire sex you’ve ever had.”

Rob describes 40 crew members looking on behind a laughing camera man, while the camera shoots close-ups of the real-life couple’s faces to keep the scene PG-13. “It’s literally just like, try and give a face of ecstasy,” Rob says. “I don’t think guys’ faces are really meant to do that.”

Posted by:mchance