RobertRed_Dimit_16615478_600 Robert Redford, 71, is officially off the market.

And he's married a woman 20 years his junior!

Not that it matters much at this stage of life. Plus the lovebirds have been living together since the '90s at his 5,500-acre Utah ranch.

The Sundance Kid married his longtime girlfriend, German artist Sibylle Szaggars, 51, Saturday at the luxury Louis C. Jacob Hotel in Hamburg, Germany.

Pastor Frank Engelbrecht of Hamburg's St. Catherine Church, told People that the couple wanted the ceremony to be "intimate."

The bride wore a champagne-colored gown.

Redford chose a white suit.

Redford, 71, was previously married to Lola Redford from 1958 until their divorce in 1985.

They have three children.

The marriage was not a surprise.

Sibylle and Bob got engaged last March.

The Oscar-winning actor told the German magazine Bunte:"'We are engaged and

very happy with that. She [Sibylle] is my fiancee and that says

everything, doesn’t it?"

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Wow. Sibyille looks so nice and normal. And kinda like the runnerup in the Allison Janney lookalike contest. First prize went to Allison Janney.

Congrats, Bob and Sibylle!

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