robin roberts gma extended leave Robin Roberts begins bone marrow transplant today, tells fans 'I feel the love and I thank you for it'“Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts is undergoing a bone-marrow transplant today (Sept. 19).

Roberts, 51, is being treated for myelodysplastic syndrome, a disease in which bone marrow doesn’t make enough healthy blood cells.

Her physician, Dr. Gail Roboz, explained on “GMA” this morning that in preparation for the transplant of marrow donated by her sister, Sally-Ann, Roberts’ “therapy over the last week has been much more intensive.

“This isn’t just mowing the lawn and not getting rids of the weeds on top, it’s digging down deeper and really trying to empty out the bone marrow cells and get rid of the immune system cells so that the new ones from Sally-Ann can come on in.”

The recovery period from the transplant procedure, which itself usually takes about an hour, typically ranges from one to three months.

Roberts thanked fans for their support in a video that aired on “GMA” today:

“This journey is as much about the mind as it is the body,” she said, adding that she appreciated everyone’s “thoughts”:

“Thoughts are so powerful. You’ve got to change the way you think in order to change the way you feel.

“And let me just say this lastly, I feel the love and I thank you for it. Thank you.”

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Robin!

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