robin the boy wonder killed dc Robin the Boy Wonder killed off in DC's 'Batman Incorporated' comic

Batman’s sidekick Robin isn’t long for this world. In a comic being released Wednesday, the Boy Wonder will be killed while battling an enemy, according to the New York Post. The death will appear in issue eight of the series “Batman Incorporated,” but will have an effect throughout the DC universe.
Many characters have taken on the identity of Robin, since it was introduced in 1940. The first, and best known, Robin is Dick Grayson, who still has a role in comics today. The Robin that is being killed off is Damian Wayne, illegitimate son of Batman’s alter ego Bruce Wayne and Talia, daughter of one of his greatest foes, Ra’s al Ghul.
Damian isn’t the first Robin to meet his end, though. Jason Todd, who took over the role after Grayson moved on, was slain by The Joker in a 1988 comic series. In that instance, DC let fans call in to vote on Todd’s fate, with the readers voting for the teen sidekick to die. As with most comic book deaths, it didn’t last forever, with Todd returning in 2005.
Whether or not this death sticks is anyone’s guess, but writer Grant Morrison doesn’t shut the door on Damian forever, saying, “You can never say never in a comic book…Batman will ultimately always have a partner.” In one facet of the DC Universe, Batman already has a partner on the way with an upcoming team up series between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel, Superman.

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