Robin Thicke‘s single “Blurred Lines” is getting a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons. YouTube banned the full video for the song, which features Pharrell Williams and T.I., and critics allege the song’s lyrics are a little too “rapey.” Thicke defends the meaning behind the lyrics, saying “the song is really jut a playful take on good girls wanting to go bad.” But critics don’t appreciate the way Thicke repeats “I know you want it” over and over throughout the tune. 

The video for “Blurred Lines” has been knocked for featuring topless and otherwise nearly nearly nude models frolicking about, while Thicke, Pharrell and T.I. dance around fully-dressed in suits. The suggestion is that women are being objectified by the inequality of attire. But really, is there anything new about that approach, considering the history of music videos?

“We’re not ogling and degrading them,” Thicke says of the women in his video. “We’re laughing and being silly with them and saying, ‘Hey, nudity should be lovely, and beautiful and celebrated.'” Besides, Thicke explains, “For me nudity is one of the least offensive things in the whole world. Guns, violence, war — that’s offensive.”

As for YouTube, it seems the nudity in the “unrated version” of the video may have been the least of their concern. The half-naked women dance around with a live lamb and a taxidermy dog.
“We pretty much wanted to take all the taboos of what you’re not supposed to do — bestiality, you know, injecting a girl in her bum with a five-foot syringe, and let people realize how silly some of these rules are.” Wait, did Robin Thicke just call rules against bestiality “silly?” 

“Blurred Lines” may be ruffling some feathers, but the song certainly seems to be a hit among the young Hollywood set. Hayden Panettiere recently showed off her booty dancing skills on stage with Thicke and Pharrell during a chat show appearance, and Miley Cyrus followed suit at the launch party for the new MySpace.

You can check out the unrated version of the video here, but be warned there is a lot of toplessness. Like … a lot.

Posted by:mchance