robin thicke bluured lines nudity gi Robin Thicke says 'Blurred Lines' nudity only controversial in the U.S.

Robin Thicke‘s mega hit single and sexual video, “Blurred Lines,” was bound to spark controversy. “We definitely knew any time you show nudity in America, there will be some controversy,” he tells Zap2it
“They don’t mind in Germany or Holland,” he says. “In the states that was the only place where there is a little controversy.”
The sexy video was banned from YouTube, which doesn’t seem to have hurt the song’s popularity. The single, from his record, “Blurred Lines,” released Tuesday (July 30) has already held fast to the No. 1 slot on Hot 100 chart longer than any other song of 2013.
The video, up for three VMAs at the MTV Video Music Awards, also features rappers T.I. and Pharrell, singing, dancing and partying with women in skimpy outfits, not exactly new to music videos. 

Some have found the sexuality, naked women and drinking offensive. And Thicke fanned the flames when he told GQ, “What a pleasure it is to degrade women.” However, Thicke tells Zap2it, “We had no ill intentions.”
And as far as the video being misogynistic, Thicke says, “Misogynistic people have different views about the world and to some people that would be offensive to them. There are people in my family I am sure it would be offensive to.”

His intention, though, was “a funny, silly video.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler