Robintunne_trusc_9633970_600"You definitely walk out of ‘Hollywoodland’ with an ambigious feeling. But when I was  playing her, I had to play it as if she did kill him. Plus it’s so much more fun to be the bad girl. But it was a fine line playing someone who was charming enough that George would want to sleep with. I mean, she’d be fun to have sex with. Hey, who hasn’t wanted to sleep with the crazy girl? But she also had the capacity to kill him."

-Robin Tunney, who plays Leonore Lemmon, George Reeve’s (Ben Affleck) explosive fiancé in "Hollywoodland," on whether she felt that her character killed Reeves.

Some people also walk out of "Hollywoodland" feeling confused. No, not about why Affleck gives such an amazing performance. C’mon, be nice. He won an award at the Venice International Film Festival, for cryin’ out loud. The guy is good.

No, people are mostly mystified by who put those strange "prayer cards" found thumb-tacked over the bullet holes in the Reeves bedroom floor.

Mystery solved.

According to the Reel Faces Web site, it was actually his girlfriend Toni Mannix, not  Lemmon, who put the cards there a few days after the murder. She went to Reeves’ house with Jack Larson, who played Jimmy Olsen in the "Superman" TV series.

The site not only has amazing photos that show just how much the actors look like their real-life characters. But it also reveals that Toni was obsessively telephoning Reeves, something vaguely alluded to in a party scene in the film. And she also may have stolen his one-eyed Schnauzer, Sam, from his car.

See, even the Man of Steel had trouble with women.

Photo Credits: Robin Tunney thinks it’s fun to be bad. It’s even more fun watching her be bad in "Hollywoodland."
Denise Truscello/WireImage

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