News flash: Robin Williams is politically funnier than ever.

Listen to the rehabbed, newly single comic (introduced as Robbie Williams by John Cleese) talk to a British audience about President-elect Barack Obama‘s White House ("A basketball court in the Rose Garden!"), list George W. Bush‘s top comedy routines from his eight years in office and what the former POTUS will do when he leaves office ("Clearly, a speaking tour is out of the question").

Williams also compares John McCain to your crazy uncle who is on some new medication and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as being straight off a reality TV show, "Project Running Mate."

Williams explains to the Brits that he lives in California, where 60% of the population is Latino and the governor is Austrian.

"Even old Nazis are going, "That’s weird."

And who knew he could do such a spot-on Keith Richards and Bono.

Watch the video. If you don’t laugh at least once, let me know and I will send you a dollar.


Posted by:Elizabeth Snead