Robin Williams skewered Sarah Palin on David Letterman‘s show this week. 
Much to longtime Palin critic Dave’s delight. 


In this clip Letterman sits back and revels in Robin’s Palin jabs. This is normally Dave’s job, remember? He and Palin have a longstanding feud over his remarks about her, her family and her daughters. 
Williams remarks that he went shopping for Palin’s book in the “fantasy aisle” of the bookstore.  Williams also mentions how evil Katie Couric  “ambushed” Palin by asking her what she reads. 
Dave just can’t stop laughing. Can you?  
And just because its Thanksgiving and we have much to be grateful for including the last presidential election results, here’s that clip of a clueless Palin smiling while a turkey is slaughtered behind her.
Oh, we are sooo grateful….. “At least this was fun!”
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