robyn Robyn performs on 'Saturday Night Live'Singer Robyn rocked the “Saturday Night Live” stage last night (Dec. 10th) with two of her hit songs. She also reminded us that there are still people in the world who wear spandex. Shiny, sparkly spandex.

Robyn performed “Call Your Girlfriend” and “Dancing On My Own.” (Not to be confused with Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself.” Oh, someone do a mash up of those two songs!) Not only was her haircut pretty retro, the music was as well. She really didn’t have the same personality as someone like host Katy Perry, who’s imitation of the lead singer from Florence + the Machine was far more entertaining.

Her shoes were the most compelling part of the performance, adding at least 6 inches to her height. She’s a bit of a pixie, so it’s understandable, but we kept waiting for her to fall over. Check out her performances below and give us your opinion.

Posted by:jbusch