rod stewart Rock legend Rod Stewart to publish memoir

Rod Stewart wants you to know that he’s had sex. “Forget skeletons in the closet,” says the singer, “this one’s going to be socks and knickers under the bed.” If you’re not grossed out yet, then continue reading.

Legendary rock star and romancer of ladies Rod Stewart is teaming up with Random House to publish his as yet to be titled memoir. The “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” singer has had a monumental career with 47 top-10 singles spanning the U.S. and Britain. But Stewart’s memoir promises to let us in on the romantic side of the singer.

Stewart’s lady history is as long as his discography. Stewart dated Swedish actress Brit Ekland, model Bebe Buell and model Alana Hamilton, his eventual wife. After divorcing from Hamilton, Stewart married supermodel Rachel Hunter, then divorced, then married model Penny Lancaster. The takeaway here? Rod Stewart likes models. 

But it’s not all models and modeling for Stewart. In 2000, Stewart underwent surgery after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Since then, he has been an activist and a fundraiser for cancer charities.

So expect all of that and probably more models in Stewart’s memoir; the book is scheduled for an October 2012 release. Models not included.

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