Love is a many splendored thing. Rock of Love Bus, on the other hand, is all about self degradation. And there are few things worse than introducing an ex to a current love interest. Perhaps just introducing one ex to another ex. Guess what we got to see tonight?

Brett has decided to introduce his exes, in the form of Heather and Ambre, to the exes of all the girls. Well, almost all the girls. Beverly's ex declined to appear on the show – which leads me to believe that she previously had decent taste in men since he won't humiliate himself on reality TV. However, when she completely loses her mind about how 'he can't even do this one thing' for her, I'm confused. And so is Brett. Any rational person would be doing a Snoopy dance of joy about their ex not showing up. She's sobbing. What does this tell us?

Heather and Ambre get to spend some time with the exes – who are about as charming as you might expect. If charming is named "Royal T" or utters statements like "ain't nobody can pull my p****". The big reveals are the Brittanya and Ashley are both allegedly still getting it on with their exes. In fact, as the girls wait to be interrogated by Heather and Ambre, Ashley's nerves get the better of her and she reveals that she and her ex, James, live together. And the tattoo above her heart says "James" too. Hrm. Interesting. I wonder if she would crack if she knew Brett was watching via hidden camera. Because he is.

In the interrogation room, Jamie's ex pegs her as a groupie who did "something" for everyone in his band. When she is asked if she would be intereste din Brett if he weren't in a band, she stumbles over a answer. Not a good sign. Taya handles herself well, but her ex gets into a shouting match with Heather over wether or not Taya maligned the stripping profession. But Brittanya outdoes him when she starts fighting with Heather about…well, I'm not sure really. But she tosses a punch and when that doesn't connect, spits. Which is inexcusable, yet not unexpected given that Brittanya can't even hold up her end of a conversation.

Beverly is interrogated alone, and explains that the ex they tried to get on the show is the father of the kid she had at age 17 and was her husband for 9 years. Brett thinks he may be "the hump" to get her over where she is in her life right now. I'm more curious about why her ex has primary custody of their kids. Mindy and her ex are both….chillingly normal. Why are they on this show? And then there is Ashley and James. The best moment is when James repeats that no one can pull his p**** and if Ashley got with Brett he would be disgusted. And we get the clip of Ashley crawling into Brett's bus bed.

Heather and Ambre meet with Brett to give their pronouncement. Basically, they like Mindy but aren't sure she can handle the rock star lifestyle. Brett also meets with Ashley and she jumps right into apologizing for not telling him about the fact that she lives with James, swearing they are just roommates. It's pretty easy to see that Brittanya will be going home, because throwing punches and spitting is just beyond the pale. And that elimination does occur. However, Brett asks Ashley point blank if she still has feelings for her ex. Her lack of an answer is all the answer he needs and she is also sent home.

Which is awesome news for us! So, we are down to the final 4 and not a single one is a blond. Which just seems weird. What do you think it says about the real Brettt that he immediately got rid of both girls who were suspected of still being in a sexual relationship? I'm thinking Mindy and Taya will be our final two. How shocking is that? They both seem almost normal!

Posted by:Jessica Paff