, Brett had to pick the girl who would pretend to be his girlfriend for the next 2 to 10 months.  His choices? Terse Taya and mood-swinging Mindy.

We get a montage of the girls at their best and worst. Well, It's more Taya at her best and Mindy at her worst. And the entire thing is capped of by Mindy whining to Taya that she always looks good. They have breakfast with Brett and he asks each girl why the thing the other is wrong for him. Mindy concentrates instead on why she is right for him by saying the best parts of her keep coming and coming and coming. Gosh, she's a subtle one. Taya says that she doesn't pretend to be perfect, pointing out that Mindy tried on 4 outfits that morning while she only took 10 minutes getting ready. Mindy snaps back that it's because Taya planned her outfit last night.

Planning ahead is generally considered a positive thing and Brett points out that he'll take 10 minutes of make up time over 10 hours of moodiness any day. And the Dominican Republic illustrates these differences pretty sharply. Mindy even complains about having to get ready for her date right away. And the date is exceptional. She had mentioned off-hand that she wanted to learn how to dance one day, so Brett set up tango lessons. But it still does little for her to be able to talk to him and she has to pull out a handful of notes in order to have a conversation with him.

Of course, not all activities require talking. She smirks that she hopes the fact that she spent all night with Brett drives her competition crazy and that she thinks Taya is a piece of garbage. Coming from the girl who just took the walk of shame in front of millions of viewers, those are some bold words. Taya's date has her and Brett zip-lining through the jungle, which looks fun before dinner. And breaking all tradition, Taya does NOT spend the night with him. Brett says her decision doesn't earn her respect, because he respects all the girls he's fooled around with (sure), but admits that he can't stop thinking about her.

Mindy whines that Taya is pretending to be a goody two shoes before they each go to a spa day. Where we watch Mindy get her lip waxed and bitch about how painful it is to try to be perfect for someone else. The girls get back from the spa to meet with jewelers who ask them to pick out an engagement ring. Which feels stilted and bizarre despite the music of seriousness that plays.

After all we've seen, the final beach elimination is not really shocking. Brett tells Mindy that she can think herself into a funk and he won't always be around to talk her out of ending their relationship over something that is all in her head. He then tells Taya that even though 99% of him is into her, there is 1% of him that is scared she's not being entirely honest. But that 1% is not nearly as insurmountable as Mindy's moodiness. He asks that  they always remain friends and she nods but later rants that he's just a standard jerk in a rock star uniform. Brett then tells Taya that he's 99% in love with her and when he overcomes the 1%, he'll give her the ring. (Sure)

Taya is convinced this is her happy ending – what odds do you give it? And who will cat fight with whom at next week's reunions?

Posted by:Jessica Paff