There are only three girls left on the Rock of Love Bus, yet somehow I am sure there is still more than enough crazy to go around.

And it starts right away, of course. The bus reaches Miami and the girls find carnivale style outfits on their beds. I am not entirely sure why there are carnivale outfits, I am not sure. Miami is not known for celebrating the season and we are well into Lent at this point, so it makes no sense to me. Also, Jamie keeps referring to them as Mardi Gras outfits, which is not the same. But Mindy takes the cake (yet again) by throwing a hissy of such proportions that even the random bongo player tells her to calm the hell down.

But, she chooses to pout instead, to such a degree that when she mopes off Brett tells the other girl that kind of behavior is likely to get her left behind. Mindy reappears in something like a slutty sailor outfit to make up for her meltdown but all I can wonder is why, when packing what she could bring with her into one suitcase, she chose to bring a sailor hat?

Brett asks each of the girls who they think he should pick if they themselves were eliminated, a surefire way to create drama that works like a charm. Jamie says Mindy, because she's not promoting anything, Mindy says Jamie, because she understands things go wrong sometimes, and Taya says she doesn't think Mindy could hang in the lifestyle. Brett says goodnight to the girls, but Mindy sneaks back out for a heavy make out session that has Taya crying and Jamie trying to console her by saying she only told Brett to choose Mindy because she knows she couldn't beat Taya.

The next day, Brett takes Taya and Jamie on a helicopter ride and out to lunch, where Taya tosses Jamie under the bus for her reason for picking Mindy. Her theory being that it proves Jamie is just playing games and not really considering what would be best for Brett. The next date is with Jamie and Mindy, on an airboat in the Everglades, where Jamie admits that she isn't looking to get married anytime soon. There's a lot of chatter about Jamie just wanting to hang out with a rock star, Mindy being too moody and Taya being too perfect to be real, along with tears, accusations and the most silent dinner ever. In fact, it's so uncomfortable that Brett threatens to send them all packing.

Which makes Mindy and Jamie immediately change their tunes and say they are in great moods and nothing at all is wrong, while Taya opts to not say anything on the matter. Brett asks her if she really is promoting and she claims that she is supposed to be doing a photospread and her bosses are not happy with her being on the show. Which doesn't sound plausible at all, but sure. Brett takes Jamie back to his room to talk a bit more about what she wants, while Taya and Mindy argue about who is more insecure. Brett comes back with his guitar in hand, hears what's going on and turns right back around. Proving he's smarter than he seems.

The elimination bears no real surprises when Jamie is dismissed. I am just thankful that I will never again have to see that dreadful gold scarf on her head. Jamie tries to squeeze out a few tears for the camera, but the only thing she says that I believe is "I hope he can get me Poison tickets". So, we are down to the final two girls. Which do you think Brett will choose? Moody Mindy or tricky Taya?

Posted by:Jessica Paff