jordan jonathan knight donnie wahlberg danny wood joey mcintyre rock this boat pop tv 'Rock This Boat': Donnie Wahlberg and Danny Wood can make moms cryBoyband NKOTB has been throwing fan cruises for nearly five years and now they are showcasing that experience in a new reality show for Pop TV called “Rock This Boat.” 

The show follows different groups of fans who all have one thing in common — they love Jordan and Jonathan Knight, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood and Joey McIntyre and have since the 1980s. 
One of the fans living her dream by cruising for a week with her favorite band is Amanda, a self-claimed wild child and married mother of two who only has eyes for Donnie. In fact she likes the newly married Wahlberg so much she has a “free pass” from her husband to get busy with the star. 
While the trip starts as just a getaway with the gals, judging by the season preview, things take a dark turn. A scene shows Amanda brought to the breaking point and bawling hysterically. Isn’t this supposed to be fun? 
Zap2it caught up with the band at the Winter Press Tour and couldn’t resist asking the guys just what happened to cause the waterworks. 
“She starts off wanting to have a free pass with Donnie,” explains Wahlberg, talking in third person. “Then she has a run in with Danny. The breakdown might be the best thing you ever have seen on reality TV.”
“I’m the single guy,” Wood adds, trying to justify the situation. 
Wood assures Zap2it he isn’t completely the source of the tears. “There are crazy people everywhere,” McIntyre interjects and tries to help. “We have fans that are doctors and lawyers and teachers and moms and the whole thing. All of society is represented very well within Block Nation. So you are going to get a girl like that … A girl who will do anything for V.I.P. Yes, it’s probably great TV and she signed up for it.”
“That aside, there’s tons of good old fashioned love,” McIntyre assures in the series. 
“Rock This Boat” airs Wednesday, January 14 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Pop TV.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins