rod blagojevich Rod Blagojevich may serve 15 20 years for misuse of powerDisgraced Illinois senator Rod Blagojevich is scheduled to be sentenced on Dec. 6 after being convicted on 17 out of 20 charges related to his attempt to sell or trade President Obama’s vacated senate seat after the election, as well as extorting state funds.

Blagojevich — who spent much of his “Celebrity Apprentice” run trying to appeal to the audience and implore his innocence — is facing significant jail time. He just doesn’t seem like the type of dude who would fare well behind bars, but he probably should have considered that before, you know, being super corrupt.

The prosecution in the case has asked the judge to throw Blagojevich in prison for 15-20 years, saying that “from the very moment he became governor,” he began to abuse his power. His attorneys, however, have asked for the judge to consider the fact that Blago is “an intrinsically good, kind, and decent man.”

Judge James Zagel makes the final call, and he’s not bound by the requests of the prosecution or the defense — nor is he required to adhere to federal sentencing guidelines.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie