Rod Blagojevich.jpgRod Blagojevich heads to jail on March 15, but the day before, he gave a farewell press conference with his family by his side. Blagojevich will be serving a 14-year sentence for bribery, public corruption and wire fraud.

The speech was a bit, shall we say, strange. He praises his time in office, reminding everyone that he “never raised the income tax.” He says, “I got bruised and battered and bloodied, but we were able to get those done,” referring to his in-office accomplishments. He also says he’d been reading the old and new Testaments to look for ways to deal with his situation.

He tells the crowd that he was honored to be their governor and called his future in jail his “dark and hard journey.” His daughters, 8 and 15 were there for the speech. He says he hopes that he’ll be an example to them, “if they see how their dad faces something like this.”

He says that going to jail would be, “the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.” He adds, “We are appealing the case. This is not over. We have
faith in the future, faith in the rule of law…. I’ll see you again.”

He also mentions that the Elvis song “Jailhouse Rock” is “no longer my favorite song.” Well, yeah. If the appeal doesn’t go through, he’ll serve a minimum of twelve and a half years.

Posted by:jbusch