harry styles rod stewart kimberly stewart gi Rod Stewart confirms Harry Styles and Kimberly Stewart sleepovers

Rod Stewart is sort of opening up about his daughter Kimberly Stewart’s love life. While appearing on the talk show “Alan Carr: Chatty Man,” Stewart was asked about the rumors that his daughter had an overnight guest, in One Direction member Harry Styles.
“Oh, that would be telling,” Stewart says, “I can’t tell you that.” That doesn’t stop Rod from actually telling him that, though, as Stewart continues, “Well his car was there in the morning, let’s put it that way. But he may have just come round to pick something up, I don’t know.”
Just what every girl wants her father to share on television. Luckily for everyone except Kimbery, Rod didn’t stop there. When asked if Styles was making a play for his daughter, Rod replies, “She’s allowed to do whatever she wants, I stay out of it, so, it’s her life.”
While he was playing mostly coy until that point, Stewart then slipped up when asked “Weren’t you a little bit worried about having him in the house?” “No, he’s a lovely fellow,” Stewart says before realizing he confirmed Styles was indeed over. “I’ve let the cat out of the bag now, haven’t I?” he asks before adding, “He was actually around for dinner last night, he’s a lovely mate.” So if he was over for dinner and his car was there in the morning … That cat really is out of the bag, Rod.
For the record, Harry is 19 and Kimberly is 33, though her dad says she’s 31 in the video. Check out the interview below:

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