Rodney-Atkins.jpgCountry singer Rodney Atkins has filed for divorce and his attorney has denied charges that he assaulted his wife last month. As you may have heard, Atkins was arrested and charged with domestic assault on November 21st. His wife claims that Atkins assaulted her and tried to smother her with a pillow after a night of heavy drinking.

Attorney Rose Palermo said in a statement the allegations of violence
are “completely untrue,” saying that the couple had an “unfortunate verbal dispute” where their son could hear them. According to Palermo, Atkins realized this and “his
first priority became getting out of the earshot of the child, and that
is when Mrs. Atkins called the police and gave them her version of the
argument, which is completely untrue.”

Both Atkins and his wife Tammy Jo claim that there was inappropriate marital conduct and Tammy Jo is seeking full custody of their 10-year-old son Elijah.

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