roger clemens Roger Clemens acquitted in perjury casePitcher Roger Clemens was found not guilty on Monday (June 18) of all charges in a Federal perjury case against him. The government claimed Clemens had made false statements and obstructed Congress for denying (in 2008) that he had ever taken steroids. reports The Associated Press.

In a nationally televised hearing, Clemens said that his former strength coach Brian McNamee had injected him with just vitamins and the painkiller lidocaine. However, McNamee told the same committee that he injected Clemens with human growth hormone on several occasions.

Clemens’ defense argued that the government’s case was weak since prosecutors had only McNamee as an eye witness to the steroid use.

The baseballer originally faced the same charges in July 2011, but the case was declared a mistrial.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson