roger moore daniel craig skyfall Roger Moore thinks 'Skyfall' star Daniel Craig is the best James Bond

Roger Moore has chosen his favorite actor who portrays James Bond, and it isn’t himself. While the “Live and Let Die” star, who has appeared as 007 in seven Bond films, has previously said that Sean Connery is the best James Bond, he has recently changed his mind.

“If I had been able to see ‘Skyfall’ before finishing [my] book [‘Bond on Bond’], I would have then had to have written a chapter about Daniel Craig, who is a superb Bond. I think it has guaranteed another 50 years for the franchise,” he tells NBC News after being asked about his previous claim that he likes Craig best.

Moore elabores what he would have written about Craig, saying, “I would have liked to talk about his performance in ‘Casino Royale.’ His bravery in looking like he knew what he was about in ‘Quantum of Solace,’ which I didn’t understand. I don’t think anybody did. But with Sam Mendes directing, ‘Skyfall’ to me is just an extraordinary piece of motion picture.”

If you couldn’t tell from that statement, Moore is a fan. The 85-year-old actor says that he thinks “Skyfall” has put renewed life into the Bond franchise.

“My reaction when seeing ‘Skyfall,’ I emailed [producer] Barbara Broccoli and said how [her parents] Dana and Cubby would be so proud of what you’ve done with ‘Skyfall,'” Moore says. “It’s another 50 years of life guaranteed to Bond.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz