glee chris colfer leather bar Rolling Stone sends 'Glee's' Kurt to a leather bar, Wil Wheaton returning to 'Big Bang'

A few late night TV news morsels, best served with a glass of warm milk:

The cast of “Mad Men” isn’t alone getting the fun photo treatment in the fall TV issue of Rolling Stone. The magazine snapped “Glee” star Chris Colfer, in character, at a leather bar. Look how he clings to that appletini [Rolling Stone]

Nerd alert: former “Star Trek” cast member and Twitter king Wil Wheaton might be reprising his evil parody of himself on “The Big Bang Theory.” Producer Bill Prady says he wants Wheaton back to revive his feud with Sheldon just in time for November sweeps. [EW]

You can rest easy. Disney and Time Warner Cable brokered a deal so that you won’t lose any of your favorite channels while they argue over who gets to make the most money. [Variety]

The creators of low budget thriller “Paranormal Activity” are inching closer to bringing their brand of spook-outs to TV. ABC is reportedly very close to ordering their pilot for “The River,” a fuax-documentary of found footage of a man lost on Amazon River. [Live Feed]

Spoiler alert! After seven years as the anonymous test-driver on Britain’s “Top Gear,” the Stig has been outed as an actual human with a name and a non-helmeted face. [NYT]

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Photo: Rolling Stone

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell