katie cassidy stephen amell cw getty Romance on 'Arrow': Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy talk love story at Comic Con 2012Romance is definitely not the focus of The CW’s Green Arrow series, “Arrow,” but that’s not to say that there isn’t a great, twisted love story beating in the heart of the show. Amidst the action and the adventure, there are two deeply damaged people who may just be destined for each other. Or, you know, destined to destroy each other.

“Arrow” begins as Oliver Queen returns from being stuck on a deserted island for years, training his mind and his body into a weapon. While trapped with his tortured memories on the island, one thing brought him solace — the thought of Dinah “Laurel” Lance, an old love left behind at home.

At San Diego Comic-Con, we sat down with Stephen Amell — Oliver himself — and Katie Cassidy, the woman who will (probably) one day be the Black Canary. While they couldn’t tell us much about what’s to come in this tortured love story, they did tell us that when we meet Oliver and Laurel, plenty has already transpired between them.

“Steven and I sat down together when we first met, and we developed a
back story for the two of them, because you have to feel that,” Cassidy says. “You have
to feel a connection between these two. It’s almost like the Joey and
Dawson in Dawson’s Creek. You wanted them to be together so badly, but
they never were.”

According to Amell, he and Cassidy had some fun speculating about what the characters’ lives were like before Oliver Queen was marooned on an island. “It was always our thought that we’d known each other for a really long
time. Before I go to the island, I’m a jerk. I’m immature, and I’m
selfish, and I’m petulant. I’m a jerk!” he laughs. “And we discovered that she was probably always the person that called me on my you-know-what, and said, ‘Hey, knock it off,’ or ‘Really? Oliver, you should
do this?’ She was always the person that grounded me.”

Now that Oliver is back from the island, he’s got the moral compass and the principles that she’d always hoped to see in him — but he’s doing his best to keep those fundamental changes a secret. “I come back and I’m not the person theoretically that she always wanted me to be, but I can’t show her that yet,” he says.

“I do think the island changed him for the good, in my opinion,” Cassidy adds — noting that despite his PTSD and trauma, he’s lost his selfish edge and the bad boy bravado. “You will really see that these two people really love each other. Oliver
actually is a good person and a good guy. He’s just protecting himself
right now, coming back from the island and keeping people at arm’s

“Arrow” begins October 10 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie