alyssa milano romantically challenged 320 'Romantically Challenged': Can we talk about it?Though the title of this post suggests some sort of self-help discussion group — and we can do that here in the comments section too, if it’s so desired — I mostly just want to get your first reaction to the pilot episode of Alyssa Milano‘s new ABC comedy, “Romantically Challenged,” which premiered Monday night. 

Though I will say that I wasn’t expecting too much from it, I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by the half hour. I’ll give anything with Samantha Micelli a shot, since we’ve been friends since, what, the mid-’80s? But I think it’s actually the comedic talents of Kyle Bornheimer  (“Worst Week”) that kept the episode going. And the lines of Josh Lawson‘s character served as a decent complement to what Bornheimer was doing.
Sure, the whole thing is a little hokey, maybe trying a bit too hard at first. But I’m kind of liking it. 
“Kind of liking it” is a pretty good review from me, P.S., in case you were confused.

However, I want to hear what you’re thinking.
Talk to me…

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh