alyssa milano romantically challenged 'Romantically Challenged's' Alyssa Milano: 'I was a really bad dater'Monday (April 26) marks the second time we get to see the “Romantically Challenged” Rebecca (Alyssa Milano) try to find her way through the foreign world of dating.

Milano talks to Zap2it about why she took the role, how she compares “a lot” to Rebecca and what we can expect down the road for her unlucky-in-love character.

What about this particular show sparked your interest? Why take this project?
I think initially it was the script … Every pilot season you read a stack of scripts, I would say anywhere between 20 – 35 scripts. And a lot of them aren’t great. And this was one that was at the top, that every time I went back to read it, I would have a different response. A different positive response to it. I just love that Ricky Blitt‘s writing is somewhat edgy, but also that the women are written with distinct comedic voices, and I don’t think you get that a lot — especially in multi-cam, usually the woman are sort of either the dingbat or the straightman, and Ricky has done a great job of really giving us a foundation to develop these characters. A foundation that’s legitimate and real.

Do you feel that you relate to your character, Rebecca?
I relate to Rebecca a lot actually. I was a really bad dater, when I dated. Um, you know, I didn’t go to regular high school, so I didn’t hang out with kids that were my age — so I was always very socially awkward. And Rebecca is certainly socially awkward on these dates. So I can relate to that as well. She’s at a really cool, exciting time in her life. She’s never ever had to date, ever. She married the first guy she ever slept with. So for her, all of those things that people learn to do on dates when their young, that sort of back and forth and that flirty, flirty … and sort of the rules, and really only sharing 30 percent of who you are. Rebecca never really learned. So what you see if what you get, and she really, really, really just owns her awkwardness because she doesn’t think anything’s really wrong with it. It’s just so much fun to play!

Will any of the characters on the show eventually pair up together down the road?
Nope, no characters will end up pairing off. That is something that Ricky Blitt has really fought for. He didn’t want the show to fall into that cliche of, oh here’s platonic friends … two of them have to end up together. Um, so he’s fought against that. I don’t know, if we’re blessed enough to have a Season 6, then perhaps? But as of right now he will continue to fight that fight.

What do hope to see happen for Rebecca?
Well, I mean I hope at some point dating isn’t so painful for her. And that she makes some better choices. She’d kind of got a ‘bad picker,’ that I call someone that just doesn’t pick the right people for her. She had her first one night stand, which will be episode four, and we see her go back, her and Perry, in next week’s episode, go back to their high school reunion and she sort of rekindles interest in the guy that stood her up on prom night. And he asks her out, and she goes out with him, and then Perry just sort of sabotages the whole thing. So I just hope she — I just hope my character finds love some day!

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