romeo killer lifetime 'Romeo Killer' movie will air after Lifetime wins court appealLifetime has secured the right to air its true-crime movie “Romeo Killer: The Chris Porco Story” as scheduled this weekend after winning a court appeal Thursday (March 21).

A New York judge issued an injunction Wednesday barring the movie from airing. The film’s subject, convicted murderer Christopher Porco, claimed in a lawsuit that “Romeo Killer” used his name and likeness without his permission and that the movie is a heavily fictionalized account of his case. Porco is serving 25 years to life in prison for the 2004 murder of his father and attempted murder of his mother.

Lifetime appealed the ruling, arguing that the movie was based largely on police and court records of the case and that the “newsworthy” aspect of the case trumped Porco’s claim to his publicity rights. The network also cited free-speech concerns if the movie was prohibited from airing.

An appeals court in New York agreed with Lifetime, and the movie will premiere Saturday night as scheduled. It will be followed by a one-hour special, “Beyond the Headlines: The Real Romeo Killer,” which features interviews with people involved with the case — including Porco himself.

“Romeo Killer” stars Matt Barr as Porco, Lolita Davidovich as his mother and Eric McCormack as the lead detective on the case. 

Posted by:Rick Porter