ron howard getty Ron Howard: 'Arrested Development' crew 'completely fired up' about movie, more episodesIt has been five years, none months and seven days since “Arrested Development” last aired a new episode — and about a month and a half since creator Mitch Hurwitz announced he wants to make more episodes of the show before making a long-promised film.

And, for what it’s worth, “Arrested” executive producer and narrator Ron Howard says everyone involved with the show is excited at the prospect. Which is still, at this moment, just a prospect.

“I just had dinner with [series star] Jason Bateman in L.A.,” Howard tells E! Online. “The creative team is completely fired up about it and sort of tidying up the business side.”

Among the things that need tidying is finding someone to air the new episodes Hurwitz wants to make. Showtime and streaming services Netflix and Hulu are said to be interested.

Howard also thanks “Arrested Development” fans for helping keep the show on the radar lo these many years: “Really, the fans have kept it going,” he says, “not only in terms of executives realizing there’s a real yearning for more ‘Arrested Development,’ but also just to keep encouraging the creative team. …

“It sounds a little bit corny, but a lot of the reason people want to do it … is because really feel like they want to respect what the fans are saying.”

From your lips to GOB’s ears, Mr. Howard.

Posted by:Rick Porter