ronni chasen burlesque Ronni Chasen: Police have 'good idea' of who ordered the hit

The mystery surrounding Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen‘s Nov. 16 fatal shooting could be nearing an end. After a rumored suspect took his own life, it now appears he could have been a hit man — and police may already know who hired him.

]]>an email from Hollywood journalist Allison Hope Weiner that includes some new details on the case. “A police source close to the investigation into the murder of Ronni Chasen says that police have a fairly good idea as to who employed a Hollywood hit man to shoot the longtime publicist,” Weiner’s email reads. “Although the alleged hit man killed himself last night before police could take him into custody, authorities are still making progress in their investigation of Chasen’s murder.  Several sources confirm that police have a working theory that Chasen’s murder was related to a business deal gone bad.” As for the alleged hit man, the Beverly Hills Courier reports the person of interest who took his own life on Dec. 1 was Harold Smith.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell