cast rookie blue gallery 325 'Rookie Blue' Season 4 adds two cast regulars: Americans need not apply!“Rookie Blue” has officially been renewed for Season 4 — and when it returns to ABC next summer, it’s going to look a little different. Producers are currently looking for actors to play two new series regular roles. In keeping with the show’s Toronto roots, they’re interested in casting only Canadian actors. Way to keep it authentic, guys!

First up, they’re looking for a “very attractive” (duh) 30-35-year-old actress to play Marlo, a new Senior training uniformed officer in the division. She’s been off the street for a while after working SWAT, but she’s burnt out on that and ready to return to her roots. She’s described as “calm and
capable under fire, a great shot and tough strategist but very likable, good
sense of humour and charming in her personal life.”

Additionally, they’re bringing in another rookie — which makes sense, as our original team of rookies are now more experienced. Chloe is in her early twenties, and she’s described as “a wild-card, unpredictable, a little crazy in a good way.” Uh oh. There’s a twist, too — her godfather is Frank (Lyriq Bent). He used to be her father’s partner, so she now looks to him as a mentor figure in her life. Expect Chloe to be introduced in the season’s second episode.

Any casting suggestions, “Rookie Blue” fans? Remember, keep it Canadian!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie