ben bass rookie blue gallery 325 abc 'Rookie Blue' Season 4: Ben Bass agrees 'McSwarek' is 'really complicated'

When it comes to romantic entanglements with other cops, there isn’t enough Sam Swarek to go around.
And Ben Bass knows it. In the fourth season of ABC’s “Rookie Blue,” his character is involved with 15 Division newcomer Marlo Cruz (Rachael Ancheril) … but it’s clear that he still feels a strong pull toward his ex-love, Officer Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym), who discovered his new relationship upon returning from a six-month undercover operation.
In Thursday’s (July 11) new episode of the Canadian-made drama, Andy and Sam — collectively termed “McSwarek” by many fans of the show — literally run into each other as she participates in a traffic stop he organizes to find the culprit who fatally shot a teenager.
“It’s really complicated,” a laughing Bass acknowledges to Zap2it about Sam’s love life. “I know some people find it quite excruciating, but I hope it’s excruciating in an enjoyable way.

“In their universe, it’s just as frustrating for Sam and Andy as it is for the fans. It’s all very confusing for them, but what are ya gonna do in the short term? You kind of have to roll with it, and that’s what they’re doing.”
Which isn’t to say it couldn’t have been different, in Bass’ view: “If Sam knew that Andy wanted to be with him, and it wasn’t a question of him pouring his heart out to her and then her just going off for six months, I think he’d probably be willing to wait for her as long as he had to.”

On his own, Sam has made a big job leap this season with his promotion to detective, “He’s been doing this so long, and doing so many different things within police service, I think that transition is a fairly comfortable one,” Bass reasons. “It wasn’t foreign territory, since he’s spent a lot of time undercover and in plain clothes.
“The funny thing about Sam is that I don’t think he’s ambitious, per se,” adds Bass. “I think he just likes the job, so if he gets a promotion, he’s like, ‘Well, I’ll take it as long as I enjoy it. I’m not going to take it if I don’t want to do it.’ He’s not a political animal.”
That fact helps Sam stay utterly professional, even when partnered with Andy post-romance, as he was in the season’s second episode. “So far, the job’s been pretty rewarding for him,” Bass notes. “Except in the romance department.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin