eric johnson rookie blue 'Rookie Blue' Season 4: Eric Johnson returns as Andy's former love Luke“Rookie Blue” fans know by now that no one is necessarily gone forever.
Well, unless irreversible tragedy happens in the line of duty (you are missed, Detective Jerry Barber). That did not happen to Detective Luke Callaghan — thus, Eric Johnson returns to the Canadian-made ABC police drama Thursday, July 25, as the ex-fiance of Officer Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym).
Last seen in the Season 3 finale, when he sent a willing Andy on the undercover mission that would team her with Officer Nick Collins (Peter Mooney) for several months, Luke resurfaces in an episode called “Skeletons” when a kidnapping case appears to have echoes of one from the past. He rejoins the cops of 15 Division to help find a girl whose abductor may be a copycat.
Certainly, the “Rookie Blue” faithful can anticipate silent, meaningful looks between Luke and Andy once they’re back under the same roof. Season 2 began with her having moved in with him (and memorably dancing around their kitchen while making breakfast), leaving fellow law enforcer Sam Swarek (Ben Bass) brokenhearted, as he had his own deep feelings for Andy.
Andy and Sam eventually would become a couple, often called “McSwarek” by the show’s followers, after she broke things off with a temporarily unfaithful Luke.
However, Luke would play another major part in Andy’s life … saving it, in fact, when she was held captive by a dangerous felon in a storage unit. Her tearful, repeated whispers of “Thank you” to Luke upon her rescue left no doubt how beholden she was to him, and always would be.
Whether Andy and Luke remain ships that pass in the night will be known soon, but with her having lost Sam to Officer Marlo Cruz (Rachael Ancheril) — at least for the time being — anything is possible. And that’s something “Rookie Blue” has reaffirmed, time and again.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin