missy peregrym red carpet nc 325 'Rookie Blue's' Missy Peregrym: Making online thriller 'Cybergeddon' is 'new and fresh'Missy Peregrym admits she’s a rookie in more ways than one these days.

Starting her third season as police officer Andy McNally on “Rookie Blue” Thursday (May 24) on ABC, the Canadian actress also is making a different kind of project for a different medium. She’s still working in Toronto, but filming a thriller that will have a Web-exclusive debut on Yahoo! in September: “Cybergeddon,” casting her as an FBI agent chasing a felon (Olivier Martinez, “Unfaithful”) who commits his crimes in bits and bytes.

“I’ve been aware of stuff like this through sites like Hulu, but this is something even greater than that,” Peregrym tells Zap2it at the halfway point of “Cybergeddon” production. “To actually release a film online is incredible. To have 50 million screens going at the same time around the world on something, it’s so new and fresh, I don’t even think I really understand what that means.”

“Cybergeddon” is the brainchild of someone who certainly knows how tell a mystery, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” creator Anthony E. Zuiker. He also plans to incorporate social media and gaming as components of the “Cybergeddon” experience, and Peregrym says she’s had to “catch up” to certain elements of the concept.

“I’m used to being on ‘Rookie Blue,’ and I’ve been spoiled by three years of not working on a different project. Coming into this, I was working with all new people. It happened very, very fast, but it’s been an incredible experience.

“Everybody came together, every department,” adds Peregrym. “We were all like, ‘OK, let’s do this,’ with minimal time for prep. Everyone has an amazing attitude, and it’s a great space for everyone to be extremely creative. I haven’t been a part of something that only takes a month to make in a long time.”

Noting “Rookie Blue” also is highly collaborative, Peregrym says she’s enjoying the “Cybergeddon” benefit of having “just a small group of people really making exactly what they want. Anyone we need to talk to about anything, they’re there on the set. If you’re not really sure about something, you just switch it up and go. ‘Rookie Blue’ is pretty great with that, too, but we’re figuring it out as we go here.”

For Peregrym, that also means playing a team leader instead of someone who’s just learning the ropes.

“That’s another challenge,” she allows. “Andy is more emotional instead of in-charge. She’s always having to look to somebody else to figure out what to do, whereas in this, I’m playing one of the smartest and the strongest. I’m like the Sam Swarek (Ben Bass‘ ‘Rookie Blue’ character) here, and it’s a lot of fun.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin