rookie-blue-nyc-22.jpg“I’m not interested in slamming that show,” says ABC “Rookie Blue” regular Missy Peregrym, though she allows CBS’ new Sunday police drama “NYC 22” feels familiar.

“I wanted to see what it was, and there were definitely similarities,” the actress tells Zap2it. “Leelee Sobieski reminded me of Charlotte (Sullivan, alias Gail Peck on ‘Rookie Blue’); Sanchez (played by Judy Marte) kind of reminded me of Andy, except she’s a bit harder; and then, there’s the Ben Bass kind of character.” Bass plays Sam Swarek — “Rookie” love interest of Peregrym’s Andy McNally — on the Canadian-made show set for its Season 3 launch Thursday, May 24, on ABC.

“At the end of the day, it’s really, really difficult to make a brand-new show,” reasons Peregrym, “to write a pilot where you have to introduce characters and everyone has to kind of be dynamic and have something different for themselves. That’s just the way that you tell stories.

“If anything, I’m really proud of our writers at ‘Rookie Blue.’ I think they handled the pilot really well, and they obviously hit it on the mark, but you can compare any pilots. Everybody has the same task, and I know they really work hard [at ‘NYC 22’] to make their show. We’re all artists just trying to do our thing.”

With “The L.A. Complex” getting its U.S. premiere Tuesday (April 24) on The CW and the medical drama “Saving Hope” starting an NBC run Thursday, June 7, Peregrym — also known for her earlier roles on The CW’s “Reaper” and NBC’s “Heroes” — is encouraged that more Canadian series are coming to American broadcast television.

“When ‘Rookie Blue’ began, I was so proud to be a Canadian on a Canadian show that was getting fans in America,” she reflects. “I’m so used to working on American projects with Americans, it was a big deal for me to be on a show that showcases our talent … our ‘peeps.’ I think it would be very cool if this continues to grow and be an option.

“Honestly, media is changing so much,” Peregrym notes, “this is just the beginning of new collaborations and new ways to get content out there, and of more mediums for artists. I just think it’s an exciting time. I really do.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin