missy peregrym apr 2010 gi 'Rookie Blue's' Missy Peregrym promises a Season 2 love triangleMissy Peregrym has done the police-procedure homework, but she knows many “Rookie Blue” fans are in it for the love triangle.

The Montreal-born, British Columbia-raised model turned actress returns soon in the second season of the ABC police drama, a Canadian-American co-production that scored impressive ratings last summer. It’s slated to resume new episodes Thursday, June 16, unless the NBA finals go the distance to a seventh game — which would push the season premiere to the following Thursday.

Either way, the “Rookie Blue” faithful will see novice cop Andy McNally (Peregrym) still caught between suave police detective Luke Callaghan (Eric Johnson) and streetwise training officer Sam Swarek (Ben Bass).

“There’s a lot of stuff that happens with Andy personally this year,” Peregrym tells Zap2it, “and it’s not with her father. We touched on that a lot last year, but it’s really more about [romantic] relationships this time.”

Those also encompass Luke’s ex-flame, fellow detective Jo Rosati, played by new cast regular Camille Sullivan. “She makes a lot of trouble for Andy and Luke,” Peregrym confirms, “which makes it incredibly interesting. Andy’s available to date Sam, because he’s not her training officer anymore. She’s not going to lose her job by being with him, so there’s that dynamic as well.”

On the professional side, Andy has “a little bit more knowledge and experience,” Peregrym notes. “However, that doesn’t make anything easier. There’s still that fine line the rookies are walking. They kind of think they’ve got it all together, and they definitely don’t. So much happens in Andy’s personal life, it affects her job, her attitude … a lot of things.”

The series “Reaper” and “Heroes” are parts of Peregrym’s television past. “‘Reaper’ is still big,” she says of the horror-comedy that had a two-season run on The CW. “A lot of people really liked that show. It’s funny; whenever I’m abroad, that’s what people come up to me for.

“So many people did really well with that. Bret [Harrison] has a new show (‘Breaking In’ on FOX), and Tyler [Labine] also has a show that’s out right now (CBS’ ‘Mad Love’). It’s exciting to see. I’m so happy for them.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin