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Rose and Sage Baker (Lucy Kate Hale, Ashley Newbrough), the twin teenage granddaughters of cosmetics mogul Laurel Limoges, are not only far removed from that blue-haired age group, they have a sense of style that makes the phrase “You can never be too thin or too rich” reconsider its conjunction to “and.”

These girls have it going on.

And Privileged costume designer Nicole Gorsuch has done a masterful job turning the twins into a pair of forward-thinking fashionistas who push the envelope by working themes.

“They both lost their parents at a young age, and it affected them differently,” Gorsuch says. “Sage is edgy; Rose is more open. Sage almost hides behind her clothes more than Rose … . They are always playing dress-up — sometimes dressed totally different, but they often have the same theme going.

“Sometimes we just try and find excuses to dress them in new fun ways,” Gorsuch says. “The producers, especially Rina Mimoun, is totally into fashion, and she’ll readjust a script to get a cute outfit in there.”

And the fact that they’re rich makes things easy. “They are totally over the top,” Gorsuch says, laughing. “Whether they are going to school, going to meet their publicist or going to events that rich girls tend to go to.

“We had an episode where they were supposed to be helping underprivileged girls get prom dresses,” she says. “For that episode we had Rose dressed with a nod to Coco Chanel in a bare midriff sequined shell black jacket and pink piping and pink skirt with black piping with vintage jewelry and black patent pumps with a gold buckle from Nine West. Sage dressed with a nod to Diane von Furstenberg in a sleeveless wrap dress with Missoni silk fabric in coral and green stripe, a coral scarf, a vintage brown suede grommet belt from the ’70s and brick-colored knee-high boots with gold buckles from Jessica Simpson.”

In an upcoming episode, they’re rocking ’80s punk, with Sage in a Union Jack T-shirt from Urban Outfitters that she covered in rhinestones, black pleated crop trousers, black suede ankle boots with studs from Steve Madden, and a black cap. Rose, on the other hand, is wearing black and red plaid skinny jeans, a black sheer sequined shell with black bra and a knit beret. Both are dripping with jewelry.

The best part about the Baker girls? They are never seen in normal T-shirts and jeans. In fact, they’ve never even been in flats.

“They’ve never been in shoes under 3 inches,” Gorsuch says, laughing.

At least there’s a new generation to look up to in Palm Beach.

Posted by:Michael Korb