roseanne barr two and a half men ashton kutcher chuck lorre gi Roseanne Barr accuses 'Two and a Half Men's Chuck Lorre and Ashton Kutcher of stealing her joke

Don’t make Roseanne Barr angry. You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry. Chuck Lorre and Ashton Kutcher of “Two and a Half Men” almost definitely do not like Barr after the comedian posted a lengthy complaint aimed at them on Friday (Oct. 4).

Why? It seems that Kutcher’s character on “Two and a Half Men” told a joke Thursday (Oct. 3) that may have been stolen from Barr’s work. In the context of the show, Kutcher said that, at the age of 91, “I’d imagine that you’re wet in the places you used to be dry and dry in the places you used to be wet.”

The line seems innocuous (and raunchy) enough until you keep in mind that Roseanne has been telling a similar joke — hers is about menopause — since 2006: “I’m wet where I’m supposed to be dry and dry where I’m supposed to be wet.”

While the borrowing of the line could be serendipity or a unintentional mistake, Roseanne Barr didn’t feel that way. She took to her Twitter account to explain exactly why. Check out all of her tweets on the matter below (Note: Censorship of swear words has been added):

  • “friends told me that ashton kuchner is stealing my jokes without any sense of being conscious of being a f***ing thief.”

  • “a**hole kuchner is stealing my “wet where i’m supposed to be dry” joke @JohnnyArgent mother***ing thief”

  • “Chuck Lorre has made MILLIONS-hundreds of millions-YET-he STEALS COMEDIAN’S WRITING-helps himself 2 STEAL other ppl’s work w no guilt.”

  • “Chuck Lorre will do anything2 make a $-lie, steal, cheat, rip off comics ideas, re use already overused premises2 entertain moronic droolers”

  • “@aplusk YOU STOLE ONE OF MY JOKES ON UR CHUCK LORRE SHOW-stop doing that to comics-tell ur ‘writers’ to attempt 2 write their own jokes!!”

  • “Let’s keep track of the jokes stolen from comics on chuck lorre chic filA Tv shows”

  • “@aplusk @TheRealRoseanne ur ‘Wet where I’m supposed to be dry & dry where, etc.” line just got a big laugh on “Two-&-A-Half Men.”#B******s”

  • “COMICS: BEGIN WATCHING CHUCK LORRE’S SHOWS 2 SEE IF HE STEALS YOUR MATERIAL AS HE DOES MINE- (try hard 2 watch if u can stomach 1 min of it)”

  • “@AplusK there are a lot of DEAD comics that your show could steal jokes from who won’t be upset like I am. #ignoranceisbliss”

  • “@MommyRhino @TMZ i would steal one of his jokes to make it even, but they all suck a**”
  • “hey, lots of dead comics have material that Chuck cld access 4 five more series.”

  • “i am not really surprised at tv writers-many R just highly paid thieves-I saw it w my own eyes. #crybabies #thieves #sexists #AAexcuses”

  • “I need to do like Chuck Lorre’s writers do-watch some stand up and steal some jokes for my new scripts. I could produce ten shows, maybe!”

  • “any show biz lawyers lurking here? If something is copyrighted, then usurped 4broadcast, that is a slam dunk win in court, right? @aplusk”

  • “If i’m unable2 sue billionaire chuck lorre4 theft, then I will force myself 2 watch his shows-& steal his jokes 2-altho NOT many R FUNNY.”

  • “I can C chuck in the room: ‘guys, let’s b careful when lifting jokes frm comics-don’t steal copyrighted HBO special jokes-b more discreet’.”

After awhile, however, Barr seems to have lost steam on the rant and admitted that she wasn’t quite as angry as it seemed.

  • “not all writers who work for CL r thieves and miscreants w no real lives.”

  • “@Philly_Blaze actually, i kid chuck bc i love chuck-he and joss whedon r my two most successful interns.”

  • “Chuck Lorre has a great sense of humor about himself”

  • “I forgive Ashton and Chuck! It’s prob one of their writer’s fault!”

There has been no statement from either Kutcher or Lorre on the issue.

Posted by:Laurel Brown