roseanne barr tom arnold comedy central roast gi Roseanne Barr roasted by ex Tom Arnold and Jane LynchRoseanne Barr knew she was in for some major ribbing at the taping for her Comedy Central Roast in Hollywood on Saturday (Aug. 4), but she didn’t know that one of the people dealing the jabs would be her ex-husband Tom Arnold.

Arnold fired off the funny insult, “I’m not here to tear Roseanne a new one, because I’ve seen the old one.”

But he also had something terribly endearing to say to the 59-year-old comedian.

“In 1985, Roseanne went on Johnny Carson, which is every comic’s dream back then,” he says. “She killed, he laughed his ass off, he gave her a thumbs up and he invited her to sit on his couch. She got validation from the king which can never be taken away from her. And I just want to say, Roseanne, you were my Johnny Carson. And thank you for the thumbs up and thank you for inviting me to sit on your couch for a little bit.”

Other comedians more than made up for Arnold’s sincerity with some less-sweet barbs.

“She’s one of those rare celebrities so famous that she’s referred to by just one name — b****,” roastmaster Jane Lynch jokes. “I waved to you outside but then I realized it was just one of those inflatable parking lot gorillas.”

Comedian Jeffrey Ross poked fun at Barr’s presidential bid: “Instead of running for president, why don’t you try walking on a treadmill? I’d vote for you but I’m against big government. That’s just what we need, a round president in an oval office.”

Watch the full roast for yourself when it airs on Comedy Central on Aug. 12 at 10 p.m.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper