one direction glamour rosie huntington whiteley Rosie Huntington Whiteley calls One Direction 'a nightmare' at Glamour shootOne Direction covers Glamour’s August Music Issue with Victoria’s Secret model and “Mad Max: Fury Road” star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. In a behind-the-scenes video from the group’s England photo shoot, the blonde beauty calls the guys “so annoying and rude,” saying “I’ve been shooting with One Direction all morning and they’ve been a complete nightmare.”

Huntington-Whiteley is joking, of course, because the guys look to be having quite the time with their blonde companion. Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson casually photobomb Rosie’s interview, with Louis mouthing proudly to camera, “I know her.” Though Liam reveals in the band’s Q&A that he’s not exactly a ladies man. “When you’re with someone like Rosie, it’s a bit more difficult,” Liam says. “I was
like, I don’t really know what to say, so I’m just gonna kind of stand
here and try to be cool.” He also says it’s a bit rough to deal with fans being mean to the ladies in his life via Twitter.

The guys are also not worried about their safety when being mobbed by their throngs of female fans. “I’m not too worried about 12-year-olds jumping on me,” says Zayn Malik. “But when it comes
to their safety, running in front of cars and stuff, it does get scary.” Other tidbits from the Glamour interview include the guys admitting they don’t dance on stage because they “look stupid dancing,” and Harry Styles explaining why 1D refuses to put on a squeaky claim image. “Eventually someone’s going to see that that’s not who you are,” he says. “So it’s best to be yourself from the get-go.”

Glamour’s Music Issue is on stands July 9, and is available now for digital download.

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