rosie odonnell oprah Rosie O'Donnell has Chris Brown's back; Defends 'GMA' outburstRosie O’Donnell is a lot of things, and outspoken is definitely one of them.

Never one to shy away from controversy, O’Donnell weighs in on Chris Brown‘s violent “Good Morning America” tantrum (only a month later, but who’s counting?) on her Sirius XM radio show.

]]>Robin Roberts] and going: ‘Can you take a look at this again and see if you can find — in any way — your responsibility in this?'” she continues of the “GMA” host, who angered Brown by asking multiple questions about his 2009 assault of Rihanna. O’Donnell doesn’t stop there. She insists that she can relate to Brown’s frustrations. “Part of me wanted to take a chair and throw it through the window at ‘The View’ after all that happened,” she says of her one-year stint with the ABC show. “But, you know, there are no windows down there in that rat-infested cellar… It was like a prison.” Following Brown’s March 22 appearance on “GMA,” he allegedly stormed off the set and smashed his dressing room window with a chair. At some point, he also lost his shirt. Zap2it readers responded with both harsh words of criticism as well as messages of support for the “Yeah 3X” singer. What do you think? Should the whole issue just go away, already? Or does Brown still owe the public an explanation?

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci